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Home and Community Based ABA Therapy

Initial Assessment

The first step in the therapy process is for New England ABA to complete a comprehensive initial assessment. The client and their family members are heavily involved in this evaluation. Special time is taken to fully understand each client’s unique needs and how to craft a treatment plan that meets those needs.

New England ABA’s initial assessments are widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and clinically sound in the industry. This commitment lays the solid clinical foundation needed to provide ongoing, world-class ABA therapy.

Home Based ABA

What will it look like?
Sessions are individually crafted based on each client’s unique needs. A typical in-home session will encompass a blend of tabletop work, natural learning experiences, and play-based instruction. New England ABA staff will constantly be working to motivate your loved one to participate in therapy by engaging in activities that your loved one finds reinforcing. When there comes a time to engage in a task that may be non-preferred, the team will use a variety of ABA-based reinforcement strategies based on your loved one’s currently preferred activities. This type of approach is very person-centric, using the motivation of each client to lead the path toward learning and long-term independence.

Expanding horizons
For many of our clients, progress may be restricted by a limited number of reinforcers and preferred activities.  Our team members have been given extensive training on how to use your loved one’s current interests to expand their preferences.  When this process occurs, it lays the foundation needed for long-lasting behavior change and skill acquisition.

Flexible approach
New England ABA seamlessly blends targeted ABA therapy within your family’s existing routines and common activities. This means that families and clients do not need to change their daily routines just because therapy is occurring.

We focus on communication and functional skills
The ability to effectively communicate is central to our overall quality of life. With this in mind, New England ABA focuses heavily on teaching functional communication through an evidence-based, ABA approach. In addition, we also look to target other functional, home-based skills such as self-help, feeding, social skills and much more.

Community-Based ABA

What about when we go to Target?
Learning does not stop at school or in the home. In fact, some of the best learning opportunities occur outside of the home in natural community locations — just like Target!

It’s more than just going outside
Community-based locations are typically fast-paced and unpredictable. Just going out into these environments for the experience of it will yield limited results. NE-ABA brings all of the structure used within home sessions directly to community locations. This shows the learner that the skills and behaviors that are being taught in the home environment can be used out in the “real world” as well. This method produces progress that lasts and gives each client more independence


Our goal
The eventual goal of all New England ABA’s clinical efforts is to see each client graduate from our therapy program with the skills they need to live an independent and happy life. We begin this process right from the very start of therapy, through the use of each client’s unique preferences and motivators. When these reinforcers are used and expanded throughout the therapy process the client is able to learn skills naturally and at their own pace. The result is that once it comes time to graduate, each client has learned the behaviors and skills they need to access what they love independent of therapy.

New England ABA celebrates client achievement throughout the therapy process. Graduation is the culmination of many therapy milestones and the truest embodiment of our “Client First” philosophy. Graduation ceremonies are held quarterly in order to publicly celebrate the hard work of our client’s and their families.

Consultation Services

Consultation Services

How can New England ABA help move your organization forward?

Our New England ABA team

The clinical team at New England ABA is experienced and diverse. We have talented clinicians with a wide range of background in education, clinical therapy, business and many other applications of ABA. Contact us today to find how we can match one of our clinician’s to fit your organization’s needs.

Why ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is the real world application of the proven science of why humans behave the way they do. We change behavior through a direct and hands-on approach that has been proven to be effective through over 50 years of empirical research. Whether your organization is looking to become more in line with a Positive Behavior Support approach or simply looking to instill new habits throughout your organization, New England ABA can help put the power of ABA directly into your organization!

New England ABA has recently launched an online learning academy that can create customized courses to fit the needs of your organization. Learners can register with a few clicks of a button and can learn online any time of the day and on any device. Courses are individually crafted to fit each organization’s unique needs and can be branded with your organization’s preferred logo and other visual content. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new online training solution!